Diablo Hybrid V2

Diablo Hybrid has been on the market for nearly 2 years.

Now it’s time to move to the next stage of vaping with the Diablo Hybrid V2, with it’s dual-coil design you can get more flavor and more vapor!

Designed to be as easy as possible for new vapers moving towards dual-coil builds. Tank has insulated wick holes and they are positioned so that you can easily vape trough the whole tank without having to think that one coil give’s you dry hits.

Looks have stayed the same with the Diablo Hybrid V2 because that’s how Diablo Hybrid should look like, with the exemption that the finishing with V2 is polished/brushed.

Also the button on the V2 is engraved rather than etched with laser.

And if you already own a Diablo Hybrid but wan’t to enjoy the dual-coil vape and don’t wan’t to purchase completely new device, you can check out the Diablo Hybrid V2 atomizer that’s available. This atomizer is fully build tank that you can thread in your Diablo Hybrid and enjoy the dual-coil vape and you can switch easily between the V1 and V2 tanks.

This atomizer can be used with single wick and coil but it’s designed to be used with dual-coils.

– when using low ohm setups with dual-coil, remember to use only 18650 batteries with proper AMP limit
– if you use Diablo Hybrid V2 with 18350 batteries, do not build your setups under 1 ohm

– Made out of Stainless Steel
– Borrosilicate glass tank
– All battery contacts made out of silver plated brass
– All insulation parts made out of PEEK
– Insulated wick holes
– Spring bottom switch with locking
– Possibility to use 18650 or 18350 batteries
(we recommend you to use only AW IMR batteries with our products)

– Outside diameter: 22mm
– Inside diameter: 19mm
– Tank capacity: 4,5ml
– Height 18350: 117mm
– Height 18650: 146mm
– Weight 18350: 155g
– Weight 18650: 174g
– Airhole: Dual 1.2mm
– Wickholes: 3mm (4mm without insulation)